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Doing business with Dave Villano Music LLC involves providing information about yourself. At Dave Villano Music LLC, you have control over how your information is collected, used and disclosed. The following is our privacy policy.

We obtain information about you to:

identify you;
protect us both against error and fraud;
understand your needs and eligibility for products and services;
recommend products and services/concerts to meet your needs;
provide necessary information to third parties, including:
providing your contact information to my payment provider (PayPal);
provide ongoing service;
improve Dave Villano Music LLC's products and services; and comply with legal requirements.

Dave Villano Music LLC tracks visitors on davevillano.com via google analytics (landing pages, time spent on pages, and the like). This information is anonymous. No personal information is collected and no data is given to third parties.

When you make a purchase, your information is necessary to provide the service or the product, and is required to comply with legal requirements. That information includes: Your full name, your address, your phone number, and your email address. Dave Villano Music LLC does not have access to and does not store any sensitive billing details (such as credit card details). Only PayPal has access to your payment information and possibly Square if Dave Villano Music LLC uses them in the future on the new website.

You can expect Dave Villano Music LLC to protect your privacy. Your information and the business you do with Dave Villano Music LLC is kept in strict confidence. Dave Villano Music LLC doesn't sell or give your information to third parties unless required for payment. Dave Villano Music LLC never has and we never will. Dave Villano Music LLC's procedures and systems are designed to protect your information from error, loss and unauthorized access. Dave Villano Music LLC keeps your information only as long as it is needed. Your contact information is stored: as a hard copy (if you signed up on a physical email list), in a numbers(apple's version of excel) document, and at Mail Chimp.

You can give or withdraw your consent. Dave Villano Music LLC needs to get your express or implied consent before obtaining or using information about you, or disclosing this information to anyone. (The exception is when Dave Villano Music LLC is required by law, or it is necessary for Dave Villano Music LLC's protection.) Where permitted by law, your consent will be implied when you provide Dave Villano Music LLC with your information. You can withdraw this consent whenever you want, unless legal requirements prevent this.

Not allowing Dave Villano Music LLC to use information about you may mean we can't provide certain products or services, which may be of use to you.

You can review your information held by Dave Villano Music LLC, and make corrections to it.

You can choose not to receive direct marketing. Dave Villano Music LLC does not utilize telephone marketing. Dave Villano Music LLC may tell you about products, services or concerts through email. On average, Dave Villano Music LLC sends about 4 emails per year when a new CD is released or the annual Christmas concerts are held. If you no longer wish Dave Villano Music LLC to do so, you can either click on 'unsubscribe' in such an email, or contact Dave Villano Music LLC via the contact form here on my website or at the link at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

Let Dave Villano Music LLC know if you don't want your information used in any particular way, including uses described in this notice, by notifying via the contact form here on my website or the link directly below.

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